When Subway Singapore decided to bring back their limited offer Beef Pastrami Sub, they knew they wanted to produce a series of TV spots that would stand out from the rest of the crowd in a short running time.
Dummy Pilot presented a concept built around SaatchiLAB's creative to produce each spot as a window to a world, that while familiar to our own, would be a little bit "off." Hence, Rambo drinking tea with his aunties, bodybuilder origami masters, and a dog who understands English (and a dog owner who understands dog).
These spots played for two months in the summer of 2012 on three broadcast channels and four cable channels across Singapore, along with being featured online, culminating in nearly 40k YouTube views (and still climbing).
As for Subway, they doubled their sales of Beef Pastrami since the previous year, proving that the Beef Pastrami Sub truly is so succulent, you can't get beef pastrami off your mind.
Production Company:  DUMMY PILOT
Director / Editor / Producer: Warren Tessler
Assistant Editor: Sangchul Lee
Producer: Angelo Perrino
Director of Photography: Gerald Stahlmann
Art Director: Gilani Sumida-Moiseff
Agency: SaatchiLAB
Executive Creative Director: Andy Greenaway
General Manager: Lionel Goh
Account Team: Clinton Low, Gavin Kok
Madeline Woon, Jason Tan
Army Cast: Richson Lim, Beatrice Tan, Rose Lim, Shirley Ng Siew
Origami Cast: Adrian Tan, Zakaria Alkhatib
Canary Cast: Silver Ang, Breeze the Dog
Voiceover: Marc Grigoroff
Post Video: 9V-Post
Post Audio: HomeStudio
15 seconds (x3) / RED / Color / 2012
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