This pilot was developed for the Asian Food Channel, the most-watched lifestyle programming cable channel in South-East Asia. Their brief was to create an interstitial piece of info-tainment that would both keep viewers tuned in during commercial breaks and draw them to the AFC website (where along with re-watching the episode or downloading the recipe, they could also purchase a real book and other items from the online store). The promo had to be on par with top food-lifestyle programming broadcast by the AFC and encourage viewers to not only watch others prepare food, but also to discover that they can put on the chef's hat themselves.
Written, Directed, Edited and Produced by Warren Tessler
Director of Photography:  Han West
VFX:  Pradip Srikumar
Voiceover:  Julie Wee
Talent:  Marina Petrovna
1.5 minutes / HD / Color / 2009
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