PlayStation Vue wants to know how your life would be different if you had honest TV.
Produced for Sony Computer Entertainment to play exclusively in front of hit YouTube series "Honest Trailers" and "Honest Game Trailers."
VP of Production: Jeffy Can
Head of Creative: Andy Signore
Written By: Andy Signore, Spencer Gilbert, Dan Murrell and Joe Starr
Executive Producer / Director: Warren Tessler
Jessica Burgo: Director, Branded Content
Producer: Ben Montague
Director of Photography: Basil Mironer
Set Decoration: Laetitia Gangotena
Casting Producer: Kerry Barker
Post-Production Supervisor: Gracie Hartmann
Editor: Randy Whitlock
Voiceover: Jon Bailey
Talent: Mike Lane, Zeke Nicholson
Produced by DEFY Media, 2017
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