Imagine LA is a non-profit that helps recently homeless families transition into stability and security. They do this by matching them with qualified mentor teams who teach both essential and practical life skills necessary to prevent families from slipping back into poverty.
The client tasked us to create a brand identity film that would not only give viewers an overview their program, but make an emotional connection and show how their success is based on real human relationships. Imagine LA only works when people devote their time and skills to help others.
Production Company: Rip Media Group
Executive Producer: Maury Rogow
Producer / Director / Motion Graphics: Warren Tessler
Director of Photography: Philip Klucsartis
Production Designer:  Taylor Jean
Editor: Philip DeRise
Lead Animator: Lucas Laur
Consulting Agency: Smogtown Strategies
Strategy: Josh Kamensky
Participants: Reco Varnardo, Laura Seidman, Carolina Amaya, Frank Cooper
Voiceover Narration: Anne Heche
5 Minutes / HD / Color / 2014
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