I have been working in graphic design since high school when I was the layout editor for the school paper.  Design is a passion, and it's an essential part of my video production -- whether with direct usage of motion graphics in my work, or the design of ancillary content, including props, key art, and other promo material.  I do all of the design identity work of my website, along with occasional client work, including creating art for other creators.  I'm inspired by movie posters, album covers, vintage advertising, magazines and book jackets.
A poster for an imaginary film starring a close friend and talented actor/author/musician, Jason Brenizer.
A piece of promo art for a music video I made about an imaginary pop-superstar.  This is the inside gatefold album cover of her album.
Key Art for short film "Lividus," written and directed by Seran Kim.
More imaginary album art for an imaginary band.  In the world of the film, the album debuted in 1999, and I was influenced by electronic and dance album art of the era.
A piece of promo art done as part of a pitch for a marketing campaign, inspired by 1960's era print ads.
Brand identity for my former production company, DUMMY PILOT.
My love of music and album art brought this commission by director Frank Rinaldi, to create an album cover for the film's namesake band.
A poster commissioned by a client to go along with an animated presentation film.  The client wanted a large A0 size poster of the header-concepts shown in the video.
A poster commissioned by Melanie Schiele, a talented filmmaker.  Inspired by vintage Pelican book covers.
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