DUMMY PILOT was tasked to create a teaser trailer for the new Electronic Arts iPhone / iPad Transformers Dark of the Moon video game, and a competition for the game at iStudio shops in Singapore. Being that I was weened on Transformers from a very impressionable age, it was a no-brainer to create a trailer around one of my favorite Decepticons -- the robot with the golden voice: Soundwave!  Mr. Boombox himself has taken over Singapore's TV signal in order to announce the contest. So roll-out to your nearest iStudio shop and have chance at saving the world (and winning a prize or two)!

Producer / Writer / Director / Editor / Motion Graphics:  Warren Tessler

Client:  Electronic Arts / iStudio

Agency:  Pushbutton

Production Company:  DUMMY PILOT

45 seconds / HD / Color / 2011
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