The H3ROES Green Initiative is a project co-developed by Canon Singapore and the National Environment Agency to educate Singaporean secondary-school students on environmental sustainability. Designed by Kinetics Engagement, the project not only stressed hands-on training on “Reducing, Reusing, & Recycling,” but also emphasized the importance of students learning how to effectively convey to others the importance of the “3R’s.” Over five days, we filmed almost 80 youths as they took part in this pioneering boot-camp, and documented their journey from fledgling environmentalists, to sustainability leaders, armed with the tools and confidence to spread the H3ROES message in their schools, communities, and beyond.
Directed / Produced by Warren Tessler
DP:  Sangchul Lee
Editor:  Marc Wiltshire
Production Company:  DUMMY PILOT
Client:  Canon / The National Environment Agency (NEA)
8 minutes / 2011
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