Warren Tessler is a Los Angeles based Video Director and Producer specializing in live-action and animated video, including commercials, web series, branded content, industrials and other short promo work. He has overseen all levels of production and worked with dozens of major brands, agencies and clients.
Warren’s greatest asset is he gets the job done — on brief, on time, and on budget — with an abundance of grace, tact, and creativity. He does this by meticulous planning at the top-most level, managing teams, workflows, contracts and clients. 
He has produced content seen by millions on TV and the web, and past/present clients include Chevrolet, Subway, Verizon, Kingsford Charcoal, Yahoo, Ben & Jerry’s, Apple, Canon, Nokia, TIAA, Electronic Arts, Comcast, Resmed, Genentech, LexisNexis, Keysight Technologies, Stanley Black & Decker, Kensington, Spirent, Kaiser Permanente, Ameriquest, Wallpaper* Magazine and the National Environmental Agency of Singapore.
PRE-PRODUCTION: concept development, pitching, budgeting, account management, hiring, planning, securing assets/locations, contracts, permits.
PRODUCTION: physical production management, direction, videography (sound & picture), talent and crew coordination, digital asset management.
POST-PRODUCTION: picture editing (offline), sound design/editing, color correction/grading, motion graphics, video exporting, animation/VFX direction, voiceover direction, delivery.
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